Farm Holidays Destinations: Check Out BandB

Families nowadays have been intoxicated with the city life. Busy people here, work there, it’s really draining the energy of many. Before, most people used to enjoy family activities like outing, camping, or fishing but now everyone is on their computers and simply using more virtual interface rather than realistic ones. Another, everyone in the family gets to gather around the table and talk while eating but now everyone just grabs their food and go to their individual space and work.

Bonding has become less of a hobby to many. This is what’s lacking too many families, one of the best ways to regain back bonding is to go outdoors and explore the strength of the family through the help of Mother Nature. One of the hits today is the so called, “Farm Holidays Destinations” that most families go to relax and build once more the bond of the members.

All over the world, there are famous Farm Holidays Recreation venues that families can plan to go to. The have amazing views, some have good food, most are for the purpose of agritourism that involves raising animals and local fruits and vegetables. Here are some of the must-go-to Farm Holidays Destinations over different countries.


  1. Milia Mountain Retreat, Crete, Greece

Be relaxed and indulged into the relaxing atmosphere and humble hospitality of this place that also serves home-cooked meals to their guests. The aim of this place is to recreate the traditional foods of their past and commemorate the days where total serenity is achievable. They also have cottages made of stone, plantains, and chestnut trees which makes the place more eco-friendly in accommodations. The scenery of the said site has been maintained since the 17th century and tourist would just want to drown on the beauty and majestic corners of the mountain.  The food comes from their local garden and is of high quality as possible. Ways families could bond in to stroll around the site, and even enroll at their bread making classes.


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  1. Irish Farmhouse Holidays, Ireland


This place definitely gives you a farm experience like in games we play online. They have fantastic activities like collecting eggs from chicken, feeding the farm animals, and get to unwind through the relaxing sound of peace and nature all over. It’s like you’ve been raised in a farm if you stay for a longer while. Families will enjoy their daily activities and would help regain the bond of children and parents. They also have bed in breakfast services that uses natural and organic foods growing on their place. This fantastic site is located Emerald Isle, Ireland. The picturesque view, the relaxing atmosphere, and the good service give guests the taste of the Irish life, country version.



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  1. Rainbow Nature Resort, Goldsborough Tobago, Trinidad Tobago West Indies


This is amazing and breathtaking site is perfect for families since the services are fantastic to start with. The staffs were really helpful and friendly towards guests that bring positivity towards the people who stay there.  The scenic view relaxes everyone, even kids to just lie down or view the place. They also offer cooking lessons and even organic farming to guests that could be a family bonding. The place is a protected rainforest located in the West Hemisphere that are home to several species and waterfalls. Families can go on a tour to discover some of the beauty Rainbow Nature Resort has to offer.


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  1. Abbey Road Farm, Carlton, Oregon


This Farm has also Bed and Breakfast services for the guests who stay over. This lovely place is locate at the center of Oregon, USA and is indeed relaxing for families and even for single people. The atmosphere itself gives guests feels to another country outside of the hustle and bustle of the city life. They also have a beautiful wine garden and is serve with heir delicious food. The combination of the American culture and Arts come together at their place making families realize the things missing in their family through the gift of music. They also offer inside their guest rooms Jacuzzi tubs, foamed mattresses, king sized beds and floor heat to be all warm and cozied up. This place is also a sight to see.


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Things to see in Steytlerville: Check List

Steytlerville is located in the western parts of the Eastern Cape, South Africa. If you manage to stop by at Cape Town, do not forget to visit Steytlerville and visit these places that are mentioned below to have a jam pack experience.


There are two museums available in the area. an open-air museum and also another that started during 1967. This is run by a small community in the place that houses historical artifacts and marks the early settlement of the said area. There are house implements, memorabilia, and clothes that rediscover the founding community and have little exhibits from the Boer War days. For the open-air museum, it displays farming implements during the early days. The exhibits were donations by the farmers in the locality to fully inform visitors on their culture.

Family Crests

Along the road you might see different tarpaulins; well these tarpaulins are called the family crest. The said tarpaulins represent families who have greatly contributed to how Steytlerville came out to be. Each family or clan are encouraged to make and post them up along with other crests. Aside from the lovely and creative idea, you would get to know the locals much more through this family crest.

War monument

The War monument was built during the 1925. People come to pay respects here to the heroes who died in the World War I during the 1914-1918, and those who also sacrificed their lives during the World War II.

Heroes Monument

This monument honors those people who fought for freedom during the apartheid years according to


This place is over a million year’s old rock formation which is sixty meters high. According to, “This formation was transformed when the Karoo was still at the bottom of the Algoa Sea and the high water temperature allowed the rock to become soft and bendable.  As the earth’s plates moved, so it pushed the rock upwards thus making the Draaikrans.”

Valley of Flags

Painted by nearby farmers before 1994, the first flag and the updated flag of the South Africa are facing the road and are visible to everyone. This gorgeous scene has a great historical impact on Steytlerville.

4 Places for a Bed and Breakfast around the World

Bed and Breakfast establishments or hotels are a major click as of our days. According to the dictionary, bed and breakfast means that these are sleeping accommodations for a night and a morning meal, provided in guest houses and smaller hotels. Being in a bed and breakfast place is quite efficient and convenient especially travelling from one place to another without the hassle of finding food, especially for the tourists.

Here are some famous bed and breakfast accommodations around the world that you should check out if you are in the area that are approved by many.

  1. Casa Portagioia, Italy

A Tuscany bed and breakfast, Casa Portagioria is the country retreat for you to relax and unwind. According to their site, it is somewhere between a country hotel and your best friend’s home. According to TripAdvisor, it is truly a triple thumbs up staying on this beautiful place. Many have good reviews and the place lived up to their purpose a home away from home. From the picturesque landscapes, to the tranquil wander around the trees makes more memorable experiences here. Aside from the hospitality of the owner and the staff, the meals are excellent. This amazing place is truly great to unwind and relax for sure.

  1. Chestnut Lane Cottage, New Zealand

Another home away from home if you are planning to visit Hobbitton (the place where they shoot The Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings), Chestnut Lane Cottage is a great place to crash in and relax. The clean and spacious rooms are a delight to every traveler near or far. Many have rated this place as excellent under TripAdvisor. This cottage has a lounge are that provides amazing views and also comes in with an open plan kitchen area to make those home cooked meals and even spend a little cooking time for yourself. The price is quite high but the accommodations and services are the equivalent as to what you are paying.

  1. Le Quartier Sonang, The Netherlands

This bed and breakfast townhouse is located near a museum or fashion area. They have the best beds in town called the COCO-MAT beds that will find you cozied up at your stay here. The rooms are spacious and are well designed. This is an original 19th century townhouse that is well-known for its excellent service and accommodation.

  1. Jungle House, Laos

Laos is pretty much amazing in many ways, but when you get to enjoy what the Jungle House has instore for you, you will surely have a full package deal as to what Laos is. Many people at TripAdvisor has rated this B and B three thumbs up and is included in the best bed and breakfast around the world. The hospitality this place gives is beyond amazing and the structure of the house is spacious with high ceilings that make you feel like you are in a temple. The food as also fantastic and you can connect back to nature here.

A list: Hotels in Steytlerville

Steytlerville is a settlement in Sarah Baartman District Municipality in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, according to Wikipedia. This place is worth the visit since it is near Cape Town and other near areas where it is quite a getaway.

Here are some hotels that would also add up to your great experience on this lovely area.

  1. Royal Hotel

This historical building will leave you in love with the place in a mixture of culture, art, and tranquility. The rooms they have are old-fashioned since the hotel is dated back from 1897 according to The atmosphere is quite subtle and classy; simple but elegant. This hotel will give you a full package if you want to celebrated special occasions, doing indoor and or outdoor activities with the family or just some alone time. They offer a la carte restaurant, bikes and brekvis, conference facilities for 60 delegates, big screen TV, Swimming pool, Cigar Bar, Secure Parking, Laundry, BBQ Facilities, customized group activities to ensure you maximize your time and enjoyment.

  1. Karroo Theatrical hotel

The main customer getter this hotel has is their theatrical performances. People act, sing, do some stints to keep the crowd going and ensuring they will have a fun and no-regrets-i-checked-in-here kind of night. They also serve good food that many have rated quite excellent. The said hotel is attracting most tourists but many locals still adore the services and the product they are uplifting. Aside from the entertainment, they manage to have a relaxing and out of the city atmosphere that makes the place extra special. They also have a gimmick called, “Saturday Romantic Gataway Package” in where you can have those cliché romantic dates that are quite fancy I you have the money, from the food to the hotel accommodations, they can do it perfectly. This hotel makes Steytlerville worthwhile.

  1. Timbila Game Reserve

To ensure total privacy, this place is booked out exclusively. You get to pick where you want to stay, it is either a dome tent to a certain camp they have, in the Farmhouse, or a main bedroom, to whichever pleases you. this site also have a diverse landscape and lush vegetation that is home to 22 species and other animals and birds. This area will get you to relax more and be one with nature. This peaceful area will surely make your money short but is worth the stay with all the peace and quiet well deserved.