Bed and Breakfast establishments or hotels are a major click as of our days. According to the dictionary, bed and breakfast means that these are sleeping accommodations for a night and a morning meal, provided in guest houses and smaller hotels. Being in a bed and breakfast place is quite efficient and convenient especially travelling from one place to another without the hassle of finding food, especially for the tourists.

Here are some famous bed and breakfast accommodations around the world that you should check out if you are in the area that are approved by many.

  1. Casa Portagioia, Italy

A Tuscany bed and breakfast, Casa Portagioria is the country retreat for you to relax and unwind. According to their site, it is somewhere between a country hotel and your best friend’s home. According to TripAdvisor, it is truly a triple thumbs up staying on this beautiful place. Many have good reviews and the place lived up to their purpose a home away from home. From the picturesque landscapes, to the tranquil wander around the trees makes more memorable experiences here. Aside from the hospitality of the owner and the staff, the meals are excellent. This amazing place is truly great to unwind and relax for sure.

  1. Chestnut Lane Cottage, New Zealand

Another home away from home if you are planning to visit Hobbitton (the place where they shoot The Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings), Chestnut Lane Cottage is a great place to crash in and relax. The clean and spacious rooms are a delight to every traveler near or far. Many have rated this place as excellent under TripAdvisor. This cottage has a lounge are that provides amazing views and also comes in with an open plan kitchen area to make those home cooked meals and even spend a little cooking time for yourself. The price is quite high but the accommodations and services are the equivalent as to what you are paying.

  1. Le Quartier Sonang, The Netherlands

This bed and breakfast townhouse is located near a museum or fashion area. They have the best beds in town called the COCO-MAT beds that will find you cozied up at your stay here. The rooms are spacious and are well designed. This is an original 19th century townhouse that is well-known for its excellent service and accommodation.

  1. Jungle House, Laos

Laos is pretty much amazing in many ways, but when you get to enjoy what the Jungle House has instore for you, you will surely have a full package deal as to what Laos is. Many people at TripAdvisor has rated this B and B three thumbs up and is included in the best bed and breakfast around the world. The hospitality this place gives is beyond amazing and the structure of the house is spacious with high ceilings that make you feel like you are in a temple. The food as also fantastic and you can connect back to nature here.

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