Families nowadays have been intoxicated with the city life. Busy people here, work there, it’s really draining the energy of many. Before, most people used to enjoy family activities like outing, camping, or fishing but now everyone is on their computers and simply using more virtual interface rather than realistic ones. Another, everyone in the family gets to gather around the table and talk while eating but now everyone just grabs their food and go to their individual space and work.

Bonding has become less of a hobby to many. This is what’s lacking too many families, one of the best ways to regain back bonding is to go outdoors and explore the strength of the family through the help of Mother Nature. One of the hits today is the so called, “Farm Holidays Destinations” that most families go to relax and build once more the bond of the members.

All over the world, there are famous Farm Holidays Recreation venues that families can plan to go to. The have amazing views, some have good food, most are for the purpose of agritourism that involves raising animals and local fruits and vegetables. Here are some of the must-go-to Farm Holidays Destinations over different countries.


  1. Milia Mountain Retreat, Crete, Greece

Be relaxed and indulged into the relaxing atmosphere and humble hospitality of this place that also serves home-cooked meals to their guests. The aim of this place is to recreate the traditional foods of their past and commemorate the days where total serenity is achievable. They also have cottages made of stone, plantains, and chestnut trees which makes the place more eco-friendly in accommodations. The scenery of the said site has been maintained since the 17th century and tourist would just want to drown on the beauty and majestic corners of the mountain.  The food comes from their local garden and is of high quality as possible. Ways families could bond in to stroll around the site, and even enroll at their bread making classes.


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  1. Irish Farmhouse Holidays, Ireland


This place definitely gives you a farm experience like in games we play online. They have fantastic activities like collecting eggs from chicken, feeding the farm animals, and get to unwind through the relaxing sound of peace and nature all over. It’s like you’ve been raised in a farm if you stay for a longer while. Families will enjoy their daily activities and would help regain the bond of children and parents. They also have bed in breakfast services that uses natural and organic foods growing on their place. This fantastic site is located Emerald Isle, Ireland. The picturesque view, the relaxing atmosphere, and the good service give guests the taste of the Irish life, country version.



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  1. Rainbow Nature Resort, Goldsborough Tobago, Trinidad Tobago West Indies


This is amazing and breathtaking site is perfect for families since the services are fantastic to start with. The staffs were really helpful and friendly towards guests that bring positivity towards the people who stay there.  The scenic view relaxes everyone, even kids to just lie down or view the place. They also offer cooking lessons and even organic farming to guests that could be a family bonding. The place is a protected rainforest located in the West Hemisphere that are home to several species and waterfalls. Families can go on a tour to discover some of the beauty Rainbow Nature Resort has to offer.


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  1. Abbey Road Farm, Carlton, Oregon


This Farm has also Bed and Breakfast services for the guests who stay over. This lovely place is locate at the center of Oregon, USA and is indeed relaxing for families and even for single people. The atmosphere itself gives guests feels to another country outside of the hustle and bustle of the city life. They also have a beautiful wine garden and is serve with heir delicious food. The combination of the American culture and Arts come together at their place making families realize the things missing in their family through the gift of music. They also offer inside their guest rooms Jacuzzi tubs, foamed mattresses, king sized beds and floor heat to be all warm and cozied up. This place is also a sight to see.


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