Steytlerville is a settlement in Sarah Baartman District Municipality in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, according to Wikipedia. This place is worth the visit since it is near Cape Town and other near areas where it is quite a getaway.

Here are some hotels that would also add up to your great experience on this lovely area.

  1. Royal Hotel

This historical building will leave you in love with the place in a mixture of culture, art, and tranquility. The rooms they have are old-fashioned since the hotel is dated back from 1897 according to The atmosphere is quite subtle and classy; simple but elegant. This hotel will give you a full package if you want to celebrated special occasions, doing indoor and or outdoor activities with the family or just some alone time. They offer a la carte restaurant, bikes and brekvis, conference facilities for 60 delegates, big screen TV, Swimming pool, Cigar Bar, Secure Parking, Laundry, BBQ Facilities, customized group activities to ensure you maximize your time and enjoyment.

  1. Karroo Theatrical hotel

The main customer getter this hotel has is their theatrical performances. People act, sing, do some stints to keep the crowd going and ensuring they will have a fun and no-regrets-i-checked-in-here kind of night. They also serve good food that many have rated quite excellent. The said hotel is attracting most tourists but many locals still adore the services and the product they are uplifting. Aside from the entertainment, they manage to have a relaxing and out of the city atmosphere that makes the place extra special. They also have a gimmick called, “Saturday Romantic Gataway Package” in where you can have those cliché romantic dates that are quite fancy I you have the money, from the food to the hotel accommodations, they can do it perfectly. This hotel makes Steytlerville worthwhile.

  1. Timbila Game Reserve

To ensure total privacy, this place is booked out exclusively. You get to pick where you want to stay, it is either a dome tent to a certain camp they have, in the Farmhouse, or a main bedroom, to whichever pleases you. this site also have a diverse landscape and lush vegetation that is home to 22 species and other animals and birds. This area will get you to relax more and be one with nature. This peaceful area will surely make your money short but is worth the stay with all the peace and quiet well deserved.


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