If you are traveling to Victoria Falls, it is a good idea to know the things that you can do in the area. If you think that you can just visit the falls, this isn’t exactly the case. There are many other things that you can get to experience if you are traveling to this part of the world.

For starters, Victoria Falls is located in the western part of Zimbabwe. This is the location where the Zambezi River ends into a cliff. Here are some of the most notable things that you can do in Vitoria Falls.

Whitewater rafting

If you are into some water adventure, white water rafting is a great activity that you can do in Victoria Falls. You can get to experience this thrilling water activity for as low as $125. However, if you plan on doing this and you want to stay overnight, you may have to pay around $200. The good thing about this kind of activity is that you get to have all the safety equipment necessary for the water activity. You are also being guided by professionals.

Experience the natural infinity pool

If you think that you can only get to experience an infinity pool in urban settings, then you want to try the Devil’s Pool in Victoria Falls. It is a popular spot wherein people can get to experience the natural infinity pool. It is located near the edge of the falls on Livingstone Island.


If you are the type who loves to hike and some outdoor activities, Victoria Falls offer Zambezi Gorge hikes. Here, you can get to enjoy the peaceful ambiance.

Bungee jumping activity

If you are a bit of a thrill seeker, you can experience bungee jumping at the Victoria Falls Bridge. So what makes you want to do this activity? According to their statistics, around 50,000 people have already jumped off the bridge for bungee jumping and 100% have safely done it. For this, you may want to enjoy this activity while you are in Victoria Falls.

Helicopter flight over Victoria Falls

One of the most exciting activities that you can do is to have a helicopter ride to see the gorgeous Victoria Falls. This is typically called the “Flight of the Angels”. This experience can give you a bird’s eye view of the wonderful Victoria Falls.

Boat cruise

If you are after a romantic getaway, it is a great idea that you include a boat cruise on Zambezi River during sunset. You will be able to see the beautiful horizon in magnificent color on this boat cruise. It is also a great way to relax after adrenaline pumping activities in Victoria Falls.

There are a lot of exciting things that you can try if you are going to travel to Victoria Falls. Over the years, a lot of people have experienced the natural beauty of the surroundings. The good news is that it is also a great location for those who love the outdoors and fun adventures. Be sure to explore these things in order to make the most out of your trip.

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