Steytlerville is located in the western parts of the Eastern Cape, South Africa. If you manage to stop by at Cape Town, do not forget to visit Steytlerville and visit these places that are mentioned below to have a jam pack experience.


There are two museums available in the area. an open-air museum and also another that started during 1967. This is run by a small community in the place that houses historical artifacts and marks the early settlement of the said area. There are house implements, memorabilia, and clothes that rediscover the founding community and have little exhibits from the Boer War days. For the open-air museum, it displays farming implements during the early days. The exhibits were donations by the farmers in the locality to fully inform visitors on their culture.

Family Crests

Along the road you might see different tarpaulins; well these tarpaulins are called the family crest. The said tarpaulins represent families who have greatly contributed to how Steytlerville came out to be. Each family or clan are encouraged to make and post them up along with other crests. Aside from the lovely and creative idea, you would get to know the locals much more through this family crest.

War monument

The War monument was built during the 1925. People come to pay respects here to the heroes who died in the World War I during the 1914-1918, and those who also sacrificed their lives during the World War II.

Heroes Monument

This monument honors those people who fought for freedom during the apartheid years according to


This place is over a million year’s old rock formation which is sixty meters high. According to, “This formation was transformed when the Karoo was still at the bottom of the Algoa Sea and the high water temperature allowed the rock to become soft and bendable.  As the earth’s plates moved, so it pushed the rock upwards thus making the Draaikrans.”

Valley of Flags

Painted by nearby farmers before 1994, the first flag and the updated flag of the South Africa are facing the road and are visible to everyone. This gorgeous scene has a great historical impact on Steytlerville.

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